Odoo CommunityTools mailinglist

Hello everybody,

A little post following the Odoo OpenDays. I was there to present the Odoo CommunityTools and it was a great success, many people were interested by what we are trying to achieve, including the main members of the OCA which now I know are watching upon us.

Currently we are four people working of the project, after the Odoo OpenDays we’d like to give the chance to people which are following us to have more details about what’s happening and to participate to discussions about the conception of the modules.

So we need to coordinate. I wanted to ask to the OCA to provide us some tools for this, but with the migration to Github and the general assembly they need time to first decide if CommunityTools should be an OCA project, and second to think to the tools they will themselves use. Which is all perfectly understandable.

Awaiting some news from their side, I propose to use a simple launchpad team to use as mailing list, since everybody know how to use it. This is temporary because we will leave launchpad soon or later, but I believe this is the good thing to do for now.

Please, if you are interested to see or participate to the discussions, join the https://launchpad.net/~odoo-communitytools-team mailinglist.

I plan to post soon two important mail :

-The first presenting the modules already developped.

-The second presenting the improvements we’d like to do to the Odoo groups management.

I hope I’ll have time to write them this week.

See you soon.