Summary of all the companies/projects I am involved

Hello world,

I know my communication was quite confusing theses times so I think a little summary of what I am currently doing may be useful.

Yolo Consulting is the company I use to sell my services on Odoo. I am the only shareholder and it’s gonna stay like this. Other than my five-year experience on Odoo and the reliable teams I work with, I also mainly use this structure for providing hosting for the others projects (the hosting code is available here and I shall precise we are very good for hosting verticalization. I you have any verticalization development (Odoo for hotel or school for example) you shall contact me.

EmpowerUs is the main company behind the Odoo Community verticalization ( which will go under the control of the OCA. I am not the only shareholder this time, I am launching this company with Julien Dussart ( which take care of the commercial part. We will host Odoo instances for communities with a price per moderators (and not users) and a commission on transactions in €/$.
We also plan to build a network of integrators, with peoples specialized in assisting communities like “Les Valeureux” (, a french association and one of our close partner (many ideas for the community verticalization come from them). If you are providing such services, anywere around the world, feel free to contact us.

Finally, Wikicompare is a platform for collaborative comparisons, based on Drupal. The purpose of this platform is to create and organize communities about comparison, so they can find and debate the important criterions and then judge the products we use everyday with a benchmark approach. I strongly believe it’s the perfect counterpower to the companies’s marketing department and probably my project which will have the most impact.
While it’s already working quite well (, there is no business model at short term and so I needed to concentrate on EmpowerUs. If you find the concept interesting, we are looking for people who want to try creating some first communities.


Odoo verticalization for communities and OCA

Hello world,

Here is (finally) some news regarding the evolutions of the Odoo for Communities verticalisation (, I’m sorry for not giving any news since the OpenDays but the amount of work during summer was just insane.

So here’s what happened :

-A considerable rework of the code was done in July, to improve the usability, the overall consistency of the project and better separate each module (Mainly, the module managing the alternate currencies and the marketplace are now separated in account_wallet and marketplace).
You have a demo platform available here :

-Tests scripts was written for each modules, I added some demo data (I used the OCA as example) and the code is now PEP8. In general, I think the code is now clean enough for contributors.

-A web module for the marketplace, funded by a customer, is currently under development and shall be delivered soon.

-During August I reworked all my hosting scripts at my company Yolo Consulting to use Odoo as controller with good use of docker, shinken, bup etc… Since I also need it for Wikicompare I designed it to be able to host any applications and I hope I’ll later be able to promote some open-source softwares thanks to it. You know my motto, I want to bring open-source software to people without technical knowledge, so they only have to fill a form to be able to use them.
It’s a key point for both EmpowerUs (my brand for Odoo for communities) and Wikicompare and I prefer sharing this cost. So everything is available in AGPL and if you need to create a hosting platform you shall really have a look.

-And last but not least, as maybe some of you saw in the last OCA minute, the Community verticalisation was accepted inside the OCA. I know it was a difficult decision because it’s the first time the OCA include a project with so much code lines and I want to thank everyone for this. The modules shall be included one by one to make sure reviewers have enough time to inspect what is already done.

So what will happen now? As you know I am the only developer in the Community verticalization for now and so every decision and conception was done by very few people until now.

This stop now, once the OCA repo will be created every bug and every suggestions will be reported on github tickets so the community will know what happen. Of course all OCA rules, especially the MP approved by 2reviewers, will also apply and contributions are more than welcome. Until the repo is created, all the code is available here :

Also for all important discussions I’ll throw a topic on the mailing list of the verticalisation (, same than before since mailinglist are still an issue for the OCA) so if you’re interested by the project I strongly recommend you to subscribe!

Thank you and see you soon.