Preview of the Clouder hosting offer

Hello world,

It’s time to unveil the details of the main Clouder offer. Thank you so much for being so many to answer the market study, we worked hard since then to prepare a concept which is I think long awaited by everyone.

As you know, our motto is to give you peace of mind, we shall take care of everything and just let you focus on the relation you have with your customers. This include taking care of the infrastructure itself and this is why our offer is built around it.

When you will create your account on, you will have the possibility to buy nodes (servers) where you will be able to deploy your containers and your bases. Prices depends of the resources (CPU, RAM, Disk space) assigned to your nodes.
You will then be able to select your nodes on the Clouder interface and manage your infrastructure from there. This service includes :

  • No limit on the number of containers and bases you can deploy on a node. This is especially interesting for multi-bases deployment since each base consume very few resources.
  • Each node is hosted on a high availability platform, managed on the hardware side (So Clouder is not involved here). This means that if a server crash or there is a problem on the network, the service will still be ensured by another duplicated server with no downtime or loss of data.
  • The support around the use of the Clouder interface.
  • The possibility of creating your own Odoo verticalization through the Clouder applications. This means that you can pre-configure your Odoo containers so they include the modules you defined (either official, OCA or custom modules) and select which modules will be installed when the base is created.
  • And last but not least, you will be able to add a subscription form on your own website. Build entirely on javascript, you only have to add a tag on your website to display it, and this will allow your visitors to get their instance of your verticalization in minutes just by submitting the form!

By creating this offer, we want to address a need which has been around for a very long time in the Odoo community: Being able to easily create an offer based on modules you set up in order to create a customized experience for your target market, without having to have high skills or time to invest on system engineering.
And by choosing a business model based on resources, this will give you the flexibility to decide of your own pricing for your customers, based on the usual price per containers/bases/users.

This is it! Now in order to start this offer, we need to reach a critical mass of customers so I invite you to manifest your interest in order to give you more precise informations and get things started.


On other topic, I have to say that the documentation is now vastly outdated. Despite the importance of this task, this is not in our priority in the next weeks so since it’s something everyone can contribute to, help will be strongly appreciated (I’m only saying that because that’s the first place people which are contacting me are proposing to contribute). Until then, note that a complete presentation I did was recorded by ITpedia (thanks guys!) and published on Youtube:

About the next steps, still for the Odoo integrators, I really want to make Clouder manage the full DevOps process of the Odoo development. So expect to see some new templates coming in the near future, including gitlab, travis, and integrate the scripts the OCA use for their test and CVS platform so you can have a similar experience for your own private business needs.

Finally, I understand that our team is difficult to contact right now, so a public chatroom was set in order for you to easily contact us: This place replace an IRC channel, you can come here for any functional or technical question as well as getting in touch with other members of the Clouder community.
As usual, all our work is under open-source licence and is available on Github :

Thank you, see you soon!