About me

I am Yannick Buron, a french entrepreneur living in Paris.
Open-source fervent advocate, I work with Odoo since 2009 when I saw the great potential of this software. At this moment I founded my first company, SYNERPGY, on my second year of study at SUPINFO Paris.

I am also passionate by marketing and strategy and I always try to understand why open-source with all its advantages doesn’t have more market share.
I believe it’s because having access to the code isn’t important to users, only features and ergonomy is important and so in order to compete with big internets companies, open-source need :

-To be able to organize their contributors toward their goal, and use the most of them. Reinventing how communities/associations works, give them the power to achieve their purpose.
I truly believe well organized communities can be more efficient to produce progress than companies and I think mankind progress is slowed by the fact companies doesn’t share their work between them due to competition. Most of the real progress theses last years are due to compagnies which started working in coopetition, when this will become the way we develop progress our world will change.
My contribution toward this is the Odoo verticalization for communities https://github.com/YannickB/community-management

-Making so any company will be able to easily host online services based on open-source software so users just have to fill a form to access them, without any technical knowledge. At the very least, I want to provide this myself with my company but since all the hosting is open-source you can use it too to mount your own hosting services.
All this work is available here : https://github.com/YannickB/saas

-And finally open-source need more visibility to compete against company marketing. I believe collaborative comparison is the answer here, allowing to impartially judge each point of each product at the finest detail. It’s not only important because it’s the best to give visibility of the best products to the standard people, it’s also because it will identify which feature/ergonomy is missing in an open-source project comparing to his proprietary equivalent and so will generate dynamism to resolve it.
This project is named Wikicompare, you can find this work here : https://github.com/YannickB/wikicompare

So after my study and two year on a webagency as the manager of their OpenERP department, I decided to return to entrepreneurship to launch all theses projects.
This blog will mainly talk about them but it’s still my personal blog so I may talk about any subject which interest me.

Don’t hesitate to contact me (even if you don’t know what to say), I enjoy meeting new people.

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