Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone!

This is the first post of my blog, and I’ll begin it by present myself.

My name’s Yannick Buron. I’m still a french student in computer science, at Bac+4, but also already a businessman.

I began by creating an e-commerce website two years ago. I must say it, it wasn’t a great success but it was a really interesting experience for me, perhaps that changed my life. Really, there is nothing more instructive for a student that creating an enterprise, even if it’s not a piece of cake…

Before I was passionated by all type of technology, I loved to imagine the possibility of what we can do with. Nothing has changed, but now I have the experience of entrepreneurship, and I just begin to see all the opportunity the technology can offer in our society. Opportunity of business of course, but also social and human opportunity. Internet bring us the ultimate communication tools, and we just begin to see his potential.

Technology and Humanity, am I a free software addict? Yes, I am. Free software free the potential of technology, whereas close software just confine the technology to commercial goal, with short-term vision. Since ten years, progress of technology has been really incredible, and yet we can’t imagine the time lost with the close software, perpetually reinvented the wheel.

My specialty is the ERPs software,  and especially OpenERP. Of course, my society, SYNERPGY, offer precisely his loan on OpenERP.

So, what will you find in this blog?

  • Before all, what free technology you can and should use  in your society. Really, you have no idea of what is freely available, just waiting you, and done by people who just want you to use it. I’ll help you to find it.
    Also, I’ll try to not just  explain what a software do, but give concrete examples of use and what benefit it can bring to you.
  • Of course my specialty is OpenERP, and you will find here a lot of articles about its use.
  • I have many projects, business or social, that I want to speak about. Feels free to critic it, or join me to help to realize them.
  • Finally, it’s my blog, so I will just speak about what I want.


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