Release of the first process OpenERP: Sales Management


In order to keep improving our services and our customers’s satisfaction, we continue to refine our various working papers that we publish as usual.

The document published today is a BPMN diagram of sales process OpenERP’s. These diagrams, which I call “generic processes” are our working basis when we work with the customer during the study phase. Beware that these diagrams are only in French, cause of a leak of time. Feels free to translate it if you want.

Then, according to this diagram, we can adapt the document thanks to customer’s comments and thus shape very precisely the future operation of the client company under OpenERP. Thus, we can more easily identify during the study phase of the main points that the client wants to see revised at this time an adequate vision of the future operation of his company.

For now, only the sales process is modeled, as well as mini-processes of creation of partners and products. I think it was also about one of the most complex processes, because it is the central process, the one which is connected to virtually everyone else.
I hope to release other processes quickly (we need them) including the billing process, the manufacturing-stock-purchase process, the project-analytic accounting process, CRM processes and finally Magento synchronization process. I hope (probably foolishly) release them before the end of the month, so keep an eye on the site.

I finally point out that the goal of the “generic processes” is completeness. When we work with the customer, the main purpose is is to simplify the process and not the opposite. Processes by sector will be created later on this basis so as to refine the matching between the processes and pave the way for other types of performances.

As usual, all our documents are available under CC by-sa license, so feel free to use them, modify them if necessary and to send us your improvements. Especially if Tiny would come to use them for the futures versions, would be great, otherwise you can rely on us to keep them updated.
We will be careful about just one thing: the respect for the assignment clause. Please do not remove our name, it’s still a lot of work that is done and that’s the bare minimum we can ask.

You can find diagrams here :

See you soon, I’ll prepare another surprise for the next few days.

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